The Day I Quit Listening to Joel Osteen (Part 2)

It’s the craziest thing… When I wrote the first post in this series—The Day I Quit Listening to Joel Osteen–I just shared my story about an unanswered prayer. The post went crazy! People responded to the post and shared it with their friends. I’ve gotten so much feedback (both positive and negative) that I was … Read more

7 Powerful Assurances When Life Is Spinning Around Too Fast

It was called the “Merry Go Round.” Every day at recess, we would run and jump on that crazy thing for the fun of it. and spin around until we were dizzy. We would spin, twirl, swirl, bounce, and ride around until we were dizzy. (Or, we’d get thrown off because it was going so … Read more

10 Great TIPS for Brand New Bloggers!

  I’ve been asked this same question several times recently: “I’m just starting to blog. What great advice do you have to share with me?” I thought perhaps a blog post might be helpful for my friends who are just getting started in the blogging world. Officially, I launched my blog 16 months ago. It’s … Read more

15 Books I’d Like to Read This Summer!

Summer! It’s just a few days away – literally. The weather is warming up. Children are getting bouncier and more hyped-up!   Stores are lining their shelves with sand toys, beach towels, suntan lotion, and all sorts of products created just for the warmer weather. I love summer! There’s just something about the slower pace, the … Read more

Nothing Can Separate You From God’s Love (Along with a Podcast)

I heard an old song recently, and the words struck me as they never have before. Maybe you’ll remember it… The Love of God The love of God is greater far Than tongue or pen can ever tell; It goes beyond the highest star, And reaches to the lowest hell; The guilty pair bowed down … Read more

Comforting Words When You FEEL Uncomfortable

Uncomfortable. That’s how I felt in them. They were new, expensive shoes that I’d found ON SALE for $10 at a cute little boutique in the area. We were attending a wedding at an old antebellum home that was surrounded by brick-lined paths and gardens.  The weather was extra muggy for a Memphis May day, and … Read more

5 MORE Things Every Man Loves to Hear

Last summer the most amazing thing happened. I interviewed my husband, asking him what men liked to hear, and then I wrote a post about it. The response from readers was amazing! More than any other post I’ve every written, this post has been read, shared, pinned, and liked. The post is called “5 Things … Read more

8 Inspiring Books for Every Mom

Books. I love books. At any given time, I can be reading, browsing, re-reading, and soaking up five or six books. I just love to read, learn, discover and explore through the written word. And, I know I’m not the only one. Many women love to read. Many moms love to read. With summer just … Read more

How to Win Your Child’s Heart For Life (& a Giveaway!)

It started out as a great principle that we learned when our children were small. Then, it became the “FOCUS” of our parenting. Last year, I wrote a series of blog posts about the topic. And, today, I have the privilege of launching a brand new book about the subject. It’s called, “How to Win … Read more

6 Promises to Cling to When You Are Walking Through a Dark Valley

Unexplainable. Painful. Hurtful. Hard. They are Dark Valleys. All of us travel through them from time to time. There is no way around them. Life can’t be mountaintops, lakes, fair meadows, and pleasant travels ALL the time. I wish we could skip the dark valleys in life. But, they seem to be very necessary part of … Read more

Winning Your Child’s Heart: An Interview with Deb Wolf

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been thinking about the theme: “Winning Your Child’s Heart.” In Week One, we covered “The DANGER of Losing Your Child’s Heart.” You can read that post HERE. In Week Two, I had the privilege of interviewing Michelle Streeter. You can read that interview HERE. Last week, I got to … Read more

6 Uplifting Words for When You Are Burdened Down

Burdens. You know… those heavy packs we carry around with us that God never meant for us to carry. We are burdened over our finances. Burdened over our kids and grandkids. Burdened about our churches or our jobs. Burdened about the country and the upcoming presidential election. Most of us believers are GREAT at carrying … Read more

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